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#showertune: ‘the greatest’ by kenny rogers

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yesterday i was in a bad mood with the US of A for their electoral madness. today i want to swings thoughts back toward things on a positive tip by crediting where credit is due.

heartfelt RQT congratulations go out to the San Francisco Giants on their ‘World’ Series win (which i think is big of us, given that we are all, to a woman, Yankies fans up in here. fo’ever).

the Giants play a good ball, but the biggest thing in their favour as far as we’re concerned is Brian ‘sweet cleats’ Wilson (relief pitcher extraordinaire, not confused former Beach Boy) – here he is doing his best Kenny Powers (boo-ya) on ESPN.


as for a #showertune, let’s go all The Wonder Years nostalgic for an American childhood we never had by joining hands and singing along to The Greatest by Kenny Rogers (then let’s watch Field of Dreams and go out for icecream shakes)