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#wildstyle: saint harridan

not much to say here other than, if the suit fits … wear it.

good luck to Saint Harridan from everyone here at RQT



#wildstyle: (fight the) power dressing

i can dig it:


#wildstyle: pto – a crash-course in looking good

i’ve written plenty before about my appreciation of and aspiration to the finer side of men’s tailoring and classic style (which is basically to say that i, like every other man, ever, would like to look like Steve McQueen).

in terms of my ever ongoing sartorial education, i find the blogosphere to be an invaluable resource, and the content served up by the fellas at Put This On has long been atop my list of best web resources.

there is no shortage of information and opinion out there, but, given the nature of the beast, many style commentators have honed the skill of making their reader feel like an utterly unworthy and rather hopeless being. by contrast, not only does PTO provide good quality coverage and well refined insight, it always does so in a charming and reassuringly human way.

as well as top quality and regularly updated text and image based offerings, PTO has, over the last year and a half, also offered a selection of short, excellently produced video entries covering some of the basics of men’s style – from choosing and maintaining denim and quality shoes, to proper grooming and honing your personal style.

the seventh iteration, which has just appeared, marks the end of what they’re calling ‘season one’. as such, i thought i’d share them all with you dear reader – for your consideration, inspiration and edification, and also as a plug for PTO in general. the more men that read quality style blogs, the fewer i will see wearing short sleeve shirts with ties, jackets buttoned all the way down, black sports socks and poor quality (and yet still expensive) shoes.

what is more, these short films also act as a perfect model of how to create decent web video content of any flavour.



episode one – demin


episode two – shoes


episode three – work


episode four – grooming


episode five – tradition


episode six – body


episode seven – personal style


#wildstyle: hipster tipster

i’m going to London next weekend, and i will be staying in Shoreditch – i expect to see several people rocking these Mexican super-pointees.

thanks to our friends at Put This On (hatsdown the best men’s style blog on the interweb)