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#namechange: the dr becomes the post-dr

just a quick note

to keep you all up to speed with some nomenclatural alterations that have occurred.

when i finished my PhD last year, several of you commented that it was thereafter less logical for me to refer to The Dr as such. however, i was happy in continuing to use the moniker, and would still be were it not for the occurrence of an official shift with which i feel i must now fall into line. with.

given that The Dr has now officially taken up her position as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Manchester, i feel it is right that from now i on she is referred to here not as The Dr, but as The Post-Dr.

thank you and please continue with your lives.

ps. just to nip some possible confusions in as it were the bud – The Post-Dr has not taken to tampering with the mail (that would make her ‘the post drer’), nor is she no longer a Dr (it’s medical doctors who give up being Drs when they get good, not us proper ones).

#homefront: cinq not sunk

today, friends and lovers,

is The Dr’s and my fifth wedding anniversary. given that she is currently away, to mark the occasion, i hope (and i know you will) you’ll allow me to share this poem, which i’m sending online, with love, from me to her.

when we met, you cried. a lot.
then paused, grabbed breath and,
slightly apart, we walked a little.
robes off-white and shoes kicked,
a baptism by fire and holy water.
young hands too tense to scatter,
have mercy on us, oh Lord.

well loved, here, gather, witness.
our Lord himself, sober and not lightly.
speak now, but peace is held and shared.
questions posed; response, and rings.
have, better, well. hold, broke, will.
earth and sky, thy be done and mine.
signed, said, and God only knows.

any fire is born with magic spark,
and every with pure heat’s flash, yet
those laid and kept, alone burn long.
circling lie of love: struck by fate,
easy come and free to leave likewise.
never bored or boring, we said.
my first real job of work.

and so the mark is fixed forever.
come tempest – cheeks or lips,
the rosy and the raging alteration.
i may not always love you, and yet.
the bent sickle and the compass,
come, guide us to the edge of doom.
heights we know, our worth be proved.

a small rest here, by this sign.
smiles shared, a swig to whistles wet.
ahead, an horizon of uncertain joys;
i would not walk this way alone.
with promise renewed, and strengths,
let us go then, you and i. this,
this takes more than spoons to measure.

and now, for our listening pleasure, performing a song that he sang for us the day we were wed, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Lou Rawls.

You’ve Made Me So Very Happy by Lou Rawls

#academix: the dr’s new book

so, friends, The Dr has a new book out.

it’s published by SCM Press in their ‘Controversies In Contextual Theology’ series and is called:

Controversies in Queer Theology
by Susannah Cornwall


obviously, at only £16.99 from amazon, you will be buying some, but just if you’re unsure how many, here’s what people in the know are saying:

THE Theological work of its ageProf. Karl Barth (no relation)
An outstanding contribution to human knowledgeProf. Charles F. Xavier
Nya, nya, nya, rubbish and rot – Prof. Yaffle/Richard Dawkins
Superb. The best thing I’ve read since Bravo Two ZeroSlavoj Žižek
Utterly life changing. Read it, or I hate youGod (Christian one)
Nay hence so gay a dance have words e’re steppedEdmund Spenser
Dear Sir/Madam, this book is of absolutely, NO relevance to me. NoneSir Cliff Richard

#academix: the dr’s (first) book

today on QVC, hot off the press:

Sex and Uncertainty in the Body of Christ: Intersex Conditions and Christian Theology by Susannah Cornwall (a.k.a The Dr)

as well as being a fascinating examination of the issues raised for Christian theology by the existence of intersex conditions and the experiences of those that have them AND a devastating critique of essentialism with regard to gender, sex and sexuality within Christian tradition, it is also:

… a way of looking knowledgeable at relevant seminars (if carried visibly), a superb hiding place for a hip flask, small gun, snack, bag of drugs, usb stick/microfilm, smaller book and so on (NB hardback only. the shape of the object should be carved into 3/5s of the pages in order to create the hidey space), an excellent levelling device for tables, chairs, beds (and more) with uneven leg-lengths (one needed per uneven leg. see youtube video for instructions & walk-through), an ingenious ‘space keeper’ for a shelf, a useful tray for a human baby or small pet (please note – again, only the hardback is recommended for this application), a serviceable child’s hat ( the book to the middle. on child’s head.), a sort-of hand fan (here, you’ll need the ‘give’ of the paperback), a solar-powered non-torch, and a rigid cuddly toy for a naughty child.

with so many functions, it is an unbelievable Christmas bargain at only:

>c.£50 in hardback and c.£15 in paperback in the UK
>c.$30 in paperback in the U.S.
>c.CDN$30 in paperback in Canada
>c.R1,000 in paperback in South Africa
>c.S$33 in paperback in Singapore (from
>c.¥9,360 in paperback in Japan

at these prices, why not try to collect them all?

remember, only a finite amount will ever be printed.


The analysis is almost as sharp, and the implications as far-reaching, as the author is vital to the discourse – Andre Romelle Young, PhD

Yuk. Don’t read thisJan Moir, Daily Mail

I usually struggle to know what to get The Duchess for Christmas; that won’t be an issue this yearSir Jimmy Savile (speaking in 2002)

The fundamental solution to the problem of loss of suctionSir James Dyson

One more giant leap for mankind – Neil Alden Armstrong (NB not from moon)

#showertune: ‘you give me what i want’ by laura vane

… and it was all a dream (or was it?)

right, that was #storytime, next up #showertune.

today’s premium cut goes very much out to the one i love (the truest). The Dr is swamped with work right now and struggling beneath the weight of a ton of undeserved crap. however, she is maintaining righteously, and is still the most lovely thing to me.

interpreted (regardless of the original intent) by virtue of an appeal to ‘want’ as being synonymous with ‘lack’, here is You Give Me What I Want by Laura Vane & The Vipertones