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#showertune: ‘showdown’ by elo

so now we’re
introducing what we hope will be a longstanding RQT feature.

it’s called #showertune and you can read all about it by following that link ← back there

anyway, without further ado, today’s, innaugural, #showertune is Showdown by ELO

as a general rule i dislike ELO. this exception however proves that rule severly.

i first heard it at the end of Kingpin (which i watched again recently (see ‘eight films…’ below)) but it was welded to my consciousness by means of its place on the soundtrack of Skate 2 – truly a giant among video games (see my review of it here).


#piecesofeight: eight songs i’ve listened to in the past eight hours

(click the links to hear the tracks)

Love Addict by Honey & The Bees

On The Sly by The Bamboos feat. Kylie Auldist (↓↓heavy↓↓)

Why Can’t There Be Love? by Dee Edwards (snoop & becks dig it)

Dr Baker by The Beta Band (‘his wife was dead and his dog was dead…’)

The Only One by Dangermouse & Gemini (if you ring me i hear this)

The End of the World by Skeeter Davis (loving mad men right now)

Brooklyn Is Burning by Head Automatica (automator on the fader)

I’m In The Mood For Ska by Lord Tanamo & The Skatalites