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#showertune: ‘soulful strut’ by young-holt unlimited

although it’s been a while since i’ve posted a #showertune, i’ve in no way ceased using carefully selected music to start my day well. what is more, as the evenings draw in (that is due to happen, right?) i’ll probably begin again to share my choicest cuts on a more regular basis.

today’s entry, however, was something of an emergency measure. after a hugely enjoyable but extensively gambrinous Saturday night (no, sit down Whigfield), at the unrivalled Thorverton Cricket Club‘s most recent annual end-of-season bash, and a wholly inadequate recovery day on Sunday, with a day of travelling ahead, this morning needed not only a #showertune, but a real corker.

cue Isaac Holt and Eldee Young to take their bow. this joint is a sparkling, mellifluous waterfall of happiness. so, both now and also next time you need a special lift, hit up the dark grey triangle below.

this is Soulful Strut by Young-Holt Unlimited and it’s painfully good listening.


#showertune: ‘good man’ by raphael saadiq

my friend Drew is a good man.

here is a photo of him attacking two women with a stick.

today is his birthday.

happy birthday friend. you are a good man and thorough. and you mean the world to me.


A good man never dies–
In worthy deed and prayer
And helpful hands, and honest eyes,
If smiles or tears be there:
Who lives for you and me–
Lives for the world he tries
To help–he lives eternally.
A good man never dies.

Who lives to bravely take
His share of toil and stress,
And, for his weaker fellows’ sake,
Makes every burden less,–
He may, at last, seem worn–
Lie fallen–hands and eyes
Folded–yet, though we mourn and mourn,
A good man never dies.

James Whitcomb Riley

you might be interested to know that the very same man that can lunge so gracefully at unexpecting women can also write, play, perform and record excellent songs.

his debut solo album was recently released to rapturous applause and plaudits in several of the right places, so if you like music, perhaps you should check it out.

it’s called The Ember by Drew Worthley and you wish you can buy it here or even here

anyway as a coincidental result of all of this, today’s happy-birthday-drew #showertune is by pure chance:

Good Man by Raphael Saadiq


#showertune: ‘rapture’ by blondie

howdie, doodie.

and how are we all enjoying what might be either our last day on earth, or the last day before our lives begin the rapid slide into apocalyptic chaos and (presumably) become dedicated to the looting of the houses of those who’ve been taken? good. me too.

it was very difficult to choose what song to play in the shower this morning – a list of literally one sprang to mind.

so here it is, in all its glory. the first commercial track to ever feature the art of rapping.

ladies and gentlemen, i give you: Rapture by Blondie
(and i’ll catch you later, in the sky)


#showertune: ‘i’m on the move’ by bobby byrd

well, well, wellingtons …

look what the cat dragged in. what time do you call this then? stray dog eat your watch? i was beginning to think you’d joined the foreign legion. i’m sorry, i rented your room to a lodger (and all the other things my mum used to say if i got home late).

yes, i know, i haven’t blogged anything for a while – twenty two days to be precise – and i can only say i’m truly sorry and offer you this #showertune in the hope of your forgiveness and continued patronage.

i did make sure to make sure it was a hyper-funky, dap-dipping, bumping boogaloo on a super positive tip just for y’all.

go on, treat yourself – after all, it’s I’m On The Move by Bobby Byrd


#showertune: ‘sixteen’ by the heavy

happy newy ear

we’re back after a nice little blog holiday (bloliday) and it’s now twenty hundred and tenty one – and what a time to be alive.

also, what a time to be an RQT reader given that the newyear newyou fever has given rise to all kinds of new treats that are currently being wedged into the pipeline all ready to come flooding out of this here tap sometime soon.

#showertune will be taking more of a backseat driving role this year, so while i’ll continue to wash to cheerful choons each day, i’ll be sharing them with you more selectively. instead i hope to provide you, dear reader, with a more variegated gamut of treats.

as for today, we at RQT had a lovely Christmas and NY period spent with friends of the most excellent vintages, and therefore would like to once again commend to you the following people (in alphabetical orderings)

Cazzle-razzle & Jimbeats
Dombey & San Francesco
Krusty the jazz singer
Lassie the ninja big-wig
Lissa Lovely Legs (aka Triple L)
Quiznightqueen Jen (a shy but loyal reader)
will he is & Anya aching

it wouldn’t be right, however, not to single out Lassie for special thanks given the invitation he extended to us to spend Christmas with him and his peeps in the Burrs Wood. he and they-all alike are wonderful examples of human folks with big hearts (and in some cases heads – objection your honour, insulting counsel).

we love you all this<—–(huge distance)—–>much

as such here, in all your Worthless honours is:

Sixteen by The Heavy

#showertune: xmas songs

gleatings earthrings

as some of you will know, the next ten or fifteen days or so will herald the start of the celebration of the British winter festival known as Christmas.

something of which you might not be so aware, however, is that there exists a whole canon of Christmas songs, written, performed and recorded so that British shops have something to play while people buy things.

here at #showertune HQ we’re giving you the chance to select which of such xmas songs or #xmasongs if you will* that you would like us to feature over the festive period.

(*please note: this is the name we have decided on, so in reality your will is irrelevant)

if you’re uncertain about what Christmas songs are, the best place to find out is in a record shop – just ask the person at the counter about which songs they know that are Christmas songs, then write down what they say. also, the internet and the back cover of The Best Christmas Album In The World Ever! are useful.

please send in your votes as comments to this post, and we will try to feature as many as we can over the coming days.

#showertune: ‘all my days’ by alexi murdoch

last night

i rewatched Sam Mendes’ under-appreciated romantic comedy Away We Go.

it had exactly the same effects on me as it had the first time (at the cinema) – smiling, laughing, wistful remembering, hopeful reflection, tears.

i call it a romantic comedy because it’s genuinely romantic and very funny (two characteristics which are curiously under-represented in what usually passes for the contents of the genre).

i throughly recommend that you buy the dvd for a friend for xmas, or, better still, ask them to buy it for you.

today’s #showertune comes from the opening/closing sequences of the film and is the beautiful Nick Drake tribute All My Days by Alexi Murdoch