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#wildstyle: slacks for LBJ


August 14th, 1964

My dearest Selma

Please accept my sincerest apologies that I have not been in touch for some time now. I have been intending to write, but have been dog unwell with the flu for several of the last few days and am only now regaining my stance.

I do hope you received the accompanying parcel. It is a audio recording of a telephone conversation I had recently with someone special that I thought you might care to hear. My friends over at the excellent men’s style guide Put This On created a little movie to accompany the sound, and I just think the whole thing is excellent all together.

Please send my regards to little Ted and Alice and pet Grover for me. I do sore miss you all. I hope to visit in the spring, if father grants me the leave. As for now, I’ll continue to write and send what I can when I’m able.

Ever your devoted husband,