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#showertune: ‘debil’s dream’ by the apples

continuing (and in many ways establishing) our theme concerning all things apples, today’s #showertune comes to us courtesy of Israeli funk ensemble התפוחים (ha tappûwakhim) a.k.a. The Apples, who, since signing with the incomparable Freestyle records, have established themselves as one of the best-liked contemporary funk bands of all those known about within my head.

all of you ‘belters out there may well remember their greenbelt_ performances at last year, on the main stage and in the big top. they were excellent.

so, without further ado (other than this ado), here’s:

Debil’s Dream by The Apples


#showertune: ‘move on up’ by curtis mayfield

it’s got to the stage now where i’m struggling to remember which songs have and haven’t featured as a #showertune. in terms of fulfilling the mandate, both of transforming morning sludgery into upliftedness and of being great music, it has been seriously remiss of me to not yet have included this bonny bad-boy.

so, to right the wrong, today, for your aural pleasure, i humbly offer you the theme-tune to overcoming life’s struggles, sung by the king of cool himself:

it is, of course, Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield


#showertune: ‘dumb it down’ by ugly duckling

as well as being on the roster for greenbelt_ (have i mentioned RQT is going to be blogging there?), the UD are in town for a gig at Timepiece tonight, which i think i’ll try to drop in at for at least a little look-see.

in the meantime, incase you were thinking of thinking anything profound or discussing anything interesting with anyone today, here is their timely warning that such an action would be a massive error.

yes, today’s #showertune is Dumb It Down by Ugly Duckling

now, where’s that copy of Heat?


#showertune: ‘california soul’ by marlena shaw

good morning and welcome to your monday.

i hope the weekend treated you kindly, and that you are rested and well. if that was not the case and, like me, you’re actually feeling a bit stressed and glum, then here’s a gem of a #showertune that, according to the packaging, “lingers in your ear” “from sundown to sunset” – i’d settle for now until teatime.

yes, it’s California Soul by Marlena Shaw and it sounds like the sound that will happen when you click play below.


#aftershowertune: ‘aftershower funk’ by joe bataan

i’ve been wanting to share this track for a while, but it just so happens that it could never really be a #showertune on account of its title. however, while #showertune is on holiday, i can make up the rules.

therefore, today i’m pleased to offer you an #aftershowertune in the form of Aftershower Funk by Joe Bataan

what a ttttune ….


#decsiontune: ‘the choice is yours (revisited)’ by black sheep

howdy sleepers, #showertune is on a hiatus following the 100th installment.

fear not though, it will be back in due course – the coveted #prizepick, selected by the winner of our competition (details here), will be #showertune no.101 (w00p) and will be posted next Thursday. in the meantime i’ll be posting songs that relate to aspects of life other than putting oneself in a good mood whilst showering.

today’s is a #decisiontune, intended to help those of you still deliberating over which #showertune to choose as your favourite in order to enter our competition – did i mention we have a competition running?

and our inaugural #decisiontune is…ta da: The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) by Black Sheep


#showertune: ‘you’ve made me so very happy’ by lou rawls

so, here we are, the big one zero zero.

i’ll not lie, it’s a satisfying achievement. i like writing this blog and i enjoy the discipline of listening to cheerful, uplifting songs each morning while i shower. i hope you enjoy being party to the process, and that the music i share makes you feel happier too.

for this landmark #showertune i’ve chosen a true classic and one of my favourite songs ever, You’ve Made Me So Very Happy by Lou Rawls.

happy 100



ps: don’t forget our #showertune competition
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