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#showertune: ‘qualified’ by dr. john

1001, 1002, 1003

oh, hey there, i wasn’t expecting company. i was just doing my daily work out – wednesdays it’s arms and back. ohh, that’s a deep burn. i can barely lift my right arm (‘cos i did so many). i don’t know if you heard me counting, but i did over a thousand.

as most of you are probably aware, yesterday i had the mark back for that big piece of homework i did (the one that meant i had to take september off blogging). anyway, suffice to say that it turned out ok in the end.

lots of love and thanks to all of you who supported me and helped me through.

i hope you’ll grant me one day of self-endulgent celebration, and as such, today’s #showertune is Qualified by Dr. John

(NB. rejected options included
Dr. John – Baldhead, Dr. John – Make Your Own Bed Well and
Dr. John – Morgus The Magnificent – all genuine tracks)


#showertune: ‘you give me what i want’ by laura vane

… and it was all a dream (or was it?)

right, that was #storytime, next up #showertune.

today’s premium cut goes very much out to the one i love (the truest). The Dr is swamped with work right now and struggling beneath the weight of a ton of undeserved crap. however, she is maintaining righteously, and is still the most lovely thing to me.

interpreted (regardless of the original intent) by virtue of an appeal to ‘want’ as being synonymous with ‘lack’, here is You Give Me What I Want by Laura Vane & The Vipertones


#showertune: ‘fortune favours the bold’ by tm juke

tell you what

i don’t know about you, but i feel just brilliant.

at the beginning of last week i felt a bit like i was on the verge of struggling to keep my financial head above the economic crisis waters, but this week, thank you to the lord, saints and all the angels, it turns out that, like Ireland, actually i’ve never had it so good.

what a weight off my shoulders.

i’m yet to get an exact handle on how all the good that i’ve never had it so actually relates to the practical issues of still having less money coming in than i need and so forth, but, psychologically, i have been unburdened.

accordingly, today’s shower was a liberated affair, ably accompanied by Fortune Favours The Bold by TM Juke and the Jack Baker Trio


#showertune: ‘i need a dollar’ by aloe blacc

Americans, that was not nice

i’m very disappointed in you.

listen, i’ve told you before, you won’t get nice things if you can’t learn to share. i want you to go up to your room and stay there and think about what you did, and only come down when you are sorry. no, that wasn’t long enough. and while you’re there, you can please tidy those things under your bed. right, fine, i’m happy for you to stay there all day – there’ll be no dinner and it will be lights out at 8:00, no excuses. listen, if i hear one more peep out of you today, mister, then you can forget all about Grandad taking you to the beach on Saturday, or going up in Mark Phillips’ dad’s hot air balloon in June. right, good – well that’s ok. look, you don’t need to weep and wail, just say sorry to me and then go and get it and give it James and tell him you’re sorry for not sharing, and that he can play with it for the rest of the day. yes, the rest of the day. you have lots of other things to play with. well maybe James will share one of his other toys with you? good boy, well done. see, look Jenny is offering you her bike to play on, isn’t it better when we all share. don’t be silly, it doesn’t matter that it’s a girl’s bike. say thank you. no, ride it for longer than that. those boys aren’t laughing at you, and if they are, then they’re just mean and you shouldn’t want to be their friend. right, that’s it, i think you can have a shower and then go to bed please. your ears are bright red, you’re overtired and you’re grumpy. no, no lego tonight. ok, you can have a #showertune – what would you like? no, we’re supposed to be calming down, not getting ourselves all worked up. i think we’ll have I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blacc


#showertune: ‘beat me till i’m blue’ by the mohawks

yes? what?

i was put into a rage this morning by an idiot from off TV. The Dr insisted on putting on that one about getting a job, over breakfast, and one of the group of unbelievably stupid and annoying people thereon is a woman who apparently thinks that ‘manoeuvrement’ and ‘professionality’ are words. she was fired, but, according to her, the universe will avenge her death.

‘if the universe is on the side of such people, then all hope is lost’, i mused as i crunched my cornflakes.

speaking of pain, on, erm, recommendation from Dave Cameron, Nick Clegg recently made today’s #showertune the official song of the Lib Dem cabinet.

it’s Beat Me Till I’m Blue by The Mohawks


#showetune: ‘you know you can’ by speedometer

hehro. and happy Woden’s day.

the sun is out, the sky is blue and the penthouse is not too cold. all of things have made me happy so far today.

also, two good things happened last night. one was a dream about Maggie Gyllenhaal. the other was Limbo (XBox LIVE Arcade download) which (although eveyone’s been going mad for it for a while) i played for the first time, and totally loved. it’s a strange and eerie little platform game with a visual style reminiscent of a neo-noir graphic novel, and a very filmic feel.



you play a small, silhouetted boy with bright eyes and you wander and skip through the near darkness in misty forests, stark industrial wastelands and other bleak places. as you explore the levels and solve puzzles to progress, it’s hard to see what is foreground and what is background and often tough to spot things that will end up violently impaling, or crushing, or poisoning, or otherwise killing you. it’s frightening and cute, gory and childlike at the same time. it sounds weird and it is, but it’s also great – check out some footage here.

if you have a 360 i’d thoroughly recommend you download it from LIVE Arcade. i’ll post a proper review at some point.

meanwhile, across town … here’s a #showertune for you.

today i’d like you to enjoy, with me, You Know You Can by Speedometer


#showertune: ‘give it up’ by lee dorsey

i hope you all enjoyed This Is England ’86 while we were away.

however, if, because we weren’t around to remind you, you forgot to watch it, then swiftly head on over to 4oD to catch all four episodes while they’re still available. of course, if you haven’t yet seen This Is England, then a) what is your major malfunction numbnuts? and b) you should really do that, and then do the above.

while you’re at it, if you haven’t seen Dead Man’s Shoes or A Room For Romeo Brass you should get that issue sorted too.

coming back to TIE ’86, one of the treats of the series, as with the film, was the plenty of good music that was involved. none more so than today’s #showertune which C4 used on the advert and which is a cracker. some of you will recognise it as the sample from Fatlip‘s Today’s Your Day, however the original is truly a thing of class.

i hereby cordially invite you to use your ears to attend to the New Orleans classic that is Give It Up by Lee Dorsey