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#recordbox: ‘reagan’ by killer mike

#recordbox: ‘self evident’ by ani difranco


Self Evident by Ani DiFranco

#musicdiaryproject: fri-up

Like the night before,
the dark portion of Friday was spent at the poker table. this time the game was in the upstairs room of Exeter Snooker Club. same stakes, same outcome (no winnings for me).

this time, however, i didn’t listen to any tunes at any point during the game. although i knew most of the players quite well, my table had a very serious air about it which it seem like even popping a single earbud in was probably a poor idea. plus the play was snappy, razor sharp and genuinely engaging.

the afternoon’s workload, however, was light enough to yield the perfect opportunity for some musical accompaniment, which was interrupted only by the imperative of tuning in to Mark Kermode on Radio 5Live.

while i worked i whistled to:

most of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
– a special mention goes to:
Marcus Garvey (which is like a David Shire cover of the League of Gentlemen theme)
Ballicki Bone … and …
War (my favourite track on the album – pure brass awesomeness)

I followed this with a playlist of various cherrypicked tracks, including:

Dream About The Future by The Apples In Stereo
Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix
The Man With The Harmonica by Ennio Morricone
Tropicalia by Beck
Burnin’ and Lootin’ by The Wailers
Showdown by Electric Light Orchestra
Freewheel by Duke Special
The Warmth Of The Sun by The Beach Boys
Since I Left You by The Avalanches
Ping Pong by Stereolab
Waitin’ For A Superman by The Flaming Lips
The High Road by Broken Bells
Brooklyn Is Burning by Head Automatica
Lipstick by David Carbonara
Ghost Town by The Specials
… and …
Brainwashed by The Kinks


#musicdiaryproject: thorsday’s tunes

excuses=[“two late nights followed by early mornings in a row”]

in the spirit of
‘better late than never’ – a favourite saying of the doctor at my local STI clinic – here is a rundown of the shape of the listening experiences i had on Thursday.

the daytime was constituted by largely music-less work, but the evening was fleshed out by my weekly pilgrimage to the back-room of a pub in St. Thomas for ‘The King’s Game’ – a regular £10 re-buy no-limit hold’em poker game.

while i’m definitely not a silent, iPod in, sunglasses on player – mostly because not only does pretending you’re at the World Series make you look like a total tool, it prevents you from playing properly – i do often have my iPod on hand to dip into when i need help to keep my spirits up and my brain working.

however, when i listen to music at the table i only ever use one earphone – like a killer owl, sleeping with one eye open. therefore, what follows is a list on songs of which i heard the right channel while i played.

if you’re wondering whether my selections constitute good songs to play winning poker to, you might like to know that I ended up crashing out of the game in 6th place (out of 18) and winning exactly nothing.

so, i heard the right-hand half of:

Keep Me In Mind by The Bamboos feat. Kylie Auldist
Tighten Up by The Black Keys
Oye Como Va by Cheo Feliciano y Joe Cuba Sextet
Tell Me What’s On Your Mind by Cyril Neville
Money Don’t Make The Man by The Dap-Kings
Fever by Marie ‘Queenie’ Lyons
Hold On, I’m Comin’ by Sam & Dave
Kiss The Sky by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
Doing It To Death by The JBs
Fortune Favours The Bold by TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio
… and …
Reach Out, I’ll Be There by Lee Moses
this gem of track from a great, but little known (outside the deep soul/funk scene) artist.

what more could you want than raw, boom-bapping drums, rapier-like organ, rolling guitar licks all topped off with the welcome tinkle of the xylophone and some partially audible vocals that sound like they weren’t meant to happen, but just couldn’t be stopped from spilling forth?]


#musicdiaryproject: incidental wednesday

due to combination of a man-flu induced lie-in, a not unrelated headache and more than usually concentrated work day, and leaving my iPod at home when i briefly went out, i haven’t actually purposefully listened to any music.

of course, the guidelines of #musicdiaryproject make ample concession for such circumstances by encouraging participants to log not only intentionally listened to music, but also the tunes that they have come across incidentally during their comings and goings.

rather than noting these interlopers each day, i have decided to choose one day (today) in which to focus solely on their contribution. it is purely coincidental that i didn’t have time to listen to anything on purpose today.

i’m sure there were more, but i remember hearing:

Bullitt by Lalo Schiffrin (wakes me up)
Holy Thursday by David Axelrod (tells me to take my pills)
King of the Beats by Mantronix (some gambling advert)
Green Lights by Aloe Blacc (from a passing car)
… and …
The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (new Heineken advert)


#recordbox: #musicdiaryproject

not that far
down on the list of my favourite things to do comes joining in the with other peoples’ online projects, especially if they have their own #hashtag.

today i met a man with hair and glasses who told me about his #musicdiaryproject which involves people blogging, vlogging, tweeting, tumblring and otherwise information superhighwaying in a way that logs the music that they’re listening to this week. i’ve come, obviously, late to the party, but being as keen as ever not to let tardiness, poor preparation or a lack of the required skills for a task get in my way, i decided to join in.

if anything, it’s rather nice to cast off the usual constraints of #showertune (ie. music that makes me feel happy and is not by an artist that has already been featured) and embrace the knowledge that anything goes. at least as far as i understand them, the rules of this project dictate that what i have to do, is to record what i’ve been listening to and then that’s it.

so, here goes. today i subjected my ears to:

Powerboat by Alan Hawkshaw
I Can Dream Can’t I by The Andrew Sisters
Flying by The Beatles
Stones Throw by Little Barrie
… and …
Slag Under Bältet by Petter

yes, the lyrics are in Swedish.

no, i don’t either, but i can only hope, for people that do, that they are supremely profane and conjure an horrifically vile vision of the world.

meanwhile, in my ignorance, i will continue to put this track on, turn that shit up, and nod my grinning face like a fool.



if you’d like to find out more about #musicdiaryproject then i’d suggest following
@sickmouthy on Twitter, checking his blog to see his entries and searching the hashtag to catch up on what you’ve missed from others

#showertune: ‘i’m on the move’ by bobby byrd

well, well, wellingtons …

look what the cat dragged in. what time do you call this then? stray dog eat your watch? i was beginning to think you’d joined the foreign legion. i’m sorry, i rented your room to a lodger (and all the other things my mum used to say if i got home late).

yes, i know, i haven’t blogged anything for a while – twenty two days to be precise – and i can only say i’m truly sorry and offer you this #showertune in the hope of your forgiveness and continued patronage.

i did make sure to make sure it was a hyper-funky, dap-dipping, bumping boogaloo on a super positive tip just for y’all.

go on, treat yourself – after all, it’s I’m On The Move by Bobby Byrd


#showertune: ‘qualified’ by dr. john

1001, 1002, 1003

oh, hey there, i wasn’t expecting company. i was just doing my daily work out – wednesdays it’s arms and back. ohh, that’s a deep burn. i can barely lift my right arm (‘cos i did so many). i don’t know if you heard me counting, but i did over a thousand.

as most of you are probably aware, yesterday i had the mark back for that big piece of homework i did (the one that meant i had to take september off blogging). anyway, suffice to say that it turned out ok in the end.

lots of love and thanks to all of you who supported me and helped me through.

i hope you’ll grant me one day of self-endulgent celebration, and as such, today’s #showertune is Qualified by Dr. John

(NB. rejected options included
Dr. John – Baldhead, Dr. John – Make Your Own Bed Well and
Dr. John – Morgus The Magnificent – all genuine tracks)


#showertune: ‘you give me what i want’ by laura vane

… and it was all a dream (or was it?)

right, that was #storytime, next up #showertune.

today’s premium cut goes very much out to the one i love (the truest). The Dr is swamped with work right now and struggling beneath the weight of a ton of undeserved crap. however, she is maintaining righteously, and is still the most lovely thing to me.

interpreted (regardless of the original intent) by virtue of an appeal to ‘want’ as being synonymous with ‘lack’, here is You Give Me What I Want by Laura Vane & The Vipertones


#showertune: ‘fortune favours the bold’ by tm juke

tell you what

i don’t know about you, but i feel just brilliant.

at the beginning of last week i felt a bit like i was on the verge of struggling to keep my financial head above the economic crisis waters, but this week, thank you to the lord, saints and all the angels, it turns out that, like Ireland, actually i’ve never had it so good.

what a weight off my shoulders.

i’m yet to get an exact handle on how all the good that i’ve never had it so actually relates to the practical issues of still having less money coming in than i need and so forth, but, psychologically, i have been unburdened.

accordingly, today’s shower was a liberated affair, ably accompanied by Fortune Favours The Bold by TM Juke and the Jack Baker Trio


#showertune: ‘i need a dollar’ by aloe blacc

Americans, that was not nice

i’m very disappointed in you.

listen, i’ve told you before, you won’t get nice things if you can’t learn to share. i want you to go up to your room and stay there and think about what you did, and only come down when you are sorry. no, that wasn’t long enough. and while you’re there, you can please tidy those things under your bed. right, fine, i’m happy for you to stay there all day – there’ll be no dinner and it will be lights out at 8:00, no excuses. listen, if i hear one more peep out of you today, mister, then you can forget all about Grandad taking you to the beach on Saturday, or going up in Mark Phillips’ dad’s hot air balloon in June. right, good – well that’s ok. look, you don’t need to weep and wail, just say sorry to me and then go and get it and give it James and tell him you’re sorry for not sharing, and that he can play with it for the rest of the day. yes, the rest of the day. you have lots of other things to play with. well maybe James will share one of his other toys with you? good boy, well done. see, look Jenny is offering you her bike to play on, isn’t it better when we all share. don’t be silly, it doesn’t matter that it’s a girl’s bike. say thank you. no, ride it for longer than that. those boys aren’t laughing at you, and if they are, then they’re just mean and you shouldn’t want to be their friend. right, that’s it, i think you can have a shower and then go to bed please. your ears are bright red, you’re overtired and you’re grumpy. no, no lego tonight. ok, you can have a #showertune – what would you like? no, we’re supposed to be calming down, not getting ourselves all worked up. i think we’ll have I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blacc


#showertune: ‘beat me till i’m blue’ by the mohawks

yes? what?

i was put into a rage this morning by an idiot from off TV. The Dr insisted on putting on that one about getting a job, over breakfast, and one of the group of unbelievably stupid and annoying people thereon is a woman who apparently thinks that ‘manoeuvrement’ and ‘professionality’ are words. she was fired, but, according to her, the universe will avenge her death.

‘if the universe is on the side of such people, then all hope is lost’, i mused as i crunched my cornflakes.

speaking of pain, on, erm, recommendation from Dave Cameron, Nick Clegg recently made today’s #showertune the official song of the Lib Dem cabinet.

it’s Beat Me Till I’m Blue by The Mohawks


#showetune: ‘you know you can’ by speedometer

hehro. and happy Woden’s day.

the sun is out, the sky is blue and the penthouse is not too cold. all of things have made me happy so far today.

also, two good things happened last night. one was a dream about Maggie Gyllenhaal. the other was Limbo (XBox LIVE Arcade download) which (although eveyone’s been going mad for it for a while) i played for the first time, and totally loved. it’s a strange and eerie little platform game with a visual style reminiscent of a neo-noir graphic novel, and a very filmic feel.



you play a small, silhouetted boy with bright eyes and you wander and skip through the near darkness in misty forests, stark industrial wastelands and other bleak places. as you explore the levels and solve puzzles to progress, it’s hard to see what is foreground and what is background and often tough to spot things that will end up violently impaling, or crushing, or poisoning, or otherwise killing you. it’s frightening and cute, gory and childlike at the same time. it sounds weird and it is, but it’s also great – check out some footage here.

if you have a 360 i’d thoroughly recommend you download it from LIVE Arcade. i’ll post a proper review at some point.

meanwhile, across town … here’s a #showertune for you.

today i’d like you to enjoy, with me, You Know You Can by Speedometer


#showertune: ‘give it up’ by lee dorsey

i hope you all enjoyed This Is England ’86 while we were away.

however, if, because we weren’t around to remind you, you forgot to watch it, then swiftly head on over to 4oD to catch all four episodes while they’re still available. of course, if you haven’t yet seen This Is England, then a) what is your major malfunction numbnuts? and b) you should really do that, and then do the above.

while you’re at it, if you haven’t seen Dead Man’s Shoes or A Room For Romeo Brass you should get that issue sorted too.

coming back to TIE ’86, one of the treats of the series, as with the film, was the plenty of good music that was involved. none more so than today’s #showertune which C4 used on the advert and which is a cracker. some of you will recognise it as the sample from Fatlip‘s Today’s Your Day, however the original is truly a thing of class.

i hereby cordially invite you to use your ears to attend to the New Orleans classic that is Give It Up by Lee Dorsey


#showertune: ‘debil’s dream’ by the apples

continuing (and in many ways establishing) our theme concerning all things apples, today’s #showertune comes to us courtesy of Israeli funk ensemble התפוחים (ha tappûwakhim) a.k.a. The Apples, who, since signing with the incomparable Freestyle records, have established themselves as one of the best-liked contemporary funk bands of all those known about within my head.

all of you ‘belters out there may well remember their greenbelt_ performances at last year, on the main stage and in the big top. they were excellent.

so, without further ado (other than this ado), here’s:

Debil’s Dream by The Apples


#showertune: ‘move on up’ by curtis mayfield

it’s got to the stage now where i’m struggling to remember which songs have and haven’t featured as a #showertune. in terms of fulfilling the mandate, both of transforming morning sludgery into upliftedness and of being great music, it has been seriously remiss of me to not yet have included this bonny bad-boy.

so, to right the wrong, today, for your aural pleasure, i humbly offer you the theme-tune to overcoming life’s struggles, sung by the king of cool himself:

it is, of course, Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield


#showertune: ‘dumb it down’ by ugly duckling

as well as being on the roster for greenbelt_ (have i mentioned RQT is going to be blogging there?), the UD are in town for a gig at Timepiece tonight, which i think i’ll try to drop in at for at least a little look-see.

in the meantime, incase you were thinking of thinking anything profound or discussing anything interesting with anyone today, here is their timely warning that such an action would be a massive error.

yes, today’s #showertune is Dumb It Down by Ugly Duckling

now, where’s that copy of Heat?


#showertune: ‘california soul’ by marlena shaw

good morning and welcome to your monday.

i hope the weekend treated you kindly, and that you are rested and well. if that was not the case and, like me, you’re actually feeling a bit stressed and glum, then here’s a gem of a #showertune that, according to the packaging, “lingers in your ear” “from sundown to sunset” – i’d settle for now until teatime.

yes, it’s California Soul by Marlena Shaw and it sounds like the sound that will happen when you click play below.


#aftershowertune: ‘aftershower funk’ by joe bataan

i’ve been wanting to share this track for a while, but it just so happens that it could never really be a #showertune on account of its title. however, while #showertune is on holiday, i can make up the rules.

therefore, today i’m pleased to offer you an #aftershowertune in the form of Aftershower Funk by Joe Bataan

what a ttttune ….


#decsiontune: ‘the choice is yours (revisited)’ by black sheep

howdy sleepers, #showertune is on a hiatus following the 100th installment.

fear not though, it will be back in due course – the coveted #prizepick, selected by the winner of our competition (details here), will be #showertune no.101 (w00p) and will be posted next Thursday. in the meantime i’ll be posting songs that relate to aspects of life other than putting oneself in a good mood whilst showering.

today’s is a #decisiontune, intended to help those of you still deliberating over which #showertune to choose as your favourite in order to enter our competition – did i mention we have a competition running?

and our inaugural #decisiontune is…ta da: The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) by Black Sheep


#showertune: ‘you’ve made me so very happy’ by lou rawls

so, here we are, the big one zero zero.

i’ll not lie, it’s a satisfying achievement. i like writing this blog and i enjoy the discipline of listening to cheerful, uplifting songs each morning while i shower. i hope you enjoy being party to the process, and that the music i share makes you feel happier too.

for this landmark #showertune i’ve chosen a true classic and one of my favourite songs ever, You’ve Made Me So Very Happy by Lou Rawls.

happy 100



ps: don’t forget our #showertune competition
(see here for details)

#showertune: ‘you keep me hanging on’ by bonnie and sheila

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while you wait, here’s You Keep Me Hanging On by Bonnie and Sheila


#showertune: ‘take yo’ praise’ by camille yarbrough

today’s #showertune is in celebration of two very special people, one who was born 29 years ago today and one who was born 82 years ago yesterday. one i know well, the other i’ve never met. one is alive, the other, eleven years dead. one made astonishing films, the other runs a beautiful cinema. each has taught me many things. they are rare and fine human beings and are both heroes of mine.

i wish them a happy birthday and i dedicate this song to them.

Take Yo’ Praise by Camille Yarbrough


#showertune: ‘war’ by edwin starr

apparently we’re officially not really winning in that war we’ve been in, at least that’s what i heard. all things considered we should probably be leaving soon. it’s a shame, i was kind of coming round to the idea of a never-ending war being waged somewhere far away, for no-one knows why. i think i read something about that once. also, we all know war is good for all kinds of things. i think there’s a song about it.

on an unrelated note, today’s #showertune is War by Edwin Starr


#showertune: ‘all caps’ by madvillain

wakey, wakey, william blakey.

good to see you all this fine morning, if you’d all like to make your way this way >>> and sit down and then watch the square bit down below here where a video will begin (when you click). the video is for the song ALL CAPS by Mad Villain which is today’s #showertune