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#showetune: ‘you know you can’ by speedometer

hehro. and happy Woden’s day.

the sun is out, the sky is blue and the penthouse is not too cold. all of things have made me happy so far today.

also, two good things happened last night. one was a dream about Maggie Gyllenhaal. the other was Limbo (XBox LIVE Arcade download) which (although eveyone’s been going mad for it for a while) i played for the first time, and totally loved. it’s a strange and eerie little platform game with a visual style reminiscent of a neo-noir graphic novel, and a very filmic feel.



you play a small, silhouetted boy with bright eyes and you wander and skip through the near darkness in misty forests, stark industrial wastelands and other bleak places. as you explore the levels and solve puzzles to progress, it’s hard to see what is foreground and what is background and often tough to spot things that will end up violently impaling, or crushing, or poisoning, or otherwise killing you. it’s frightening and cute, gory and childlike at the same time. it sounds weird and it is, but it’s also great – check out some footage here.

if you have a 360 i’d thoroughly recommend you download it from LIVE Arcade. i’ll post a proper review at some point.

meanwhile, across town … here’s a #showertune for you.

today i’d like you to enjoy, with me, You Know You Can by Speedometer


#playtheplayer: International Cricket 2010

the likelihood is:

★ most of you will not be interested by cricket

★ many of you will not own a next generation console

★ some of you will not have hands

those of you of whom none of the above is true might be interested in my review of the most international of all 2010’s cricket games, International Cricket 2010 (Xbox 360) for

#playtheplayer: skate 3 review

#playtheplayer: for those of you who like computer games or skateboarding or just computer games about skateboarding, here is my review of the latest skateboarding computer game Skate 3 for – woopdy woop woop