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#piecesofeight: eight songs i’ve listened to in the past eight hours

(click the links to hear the tracks)

Love Addict by Honey & The Bees

On The Sly by The Bamboos feat. Kylie Auldist (↓↓heavy↓↓)

Why Can’t There Be Love? by Dee Edwards (snoop & becks dig it)

Dr Baker by The Beta Band (‘his wife was dead and his dog was dead…’)

The Only One by Dangermouse & Gemini (if you ring me i hear this)

The End of the World by Skeeter Davis (loving mad men right now)

Brooklyn Is Burning by Head Automatica (automator on the fader)

I’m In The Mood For Ska by Lord Tanamo & The Skatalites

#piecesofeight: eight underused words

prandial: adj. of or pertaining to a meal especially dinner

iatrogenic: adj. caused by the words or actions of a physician

mellifluous: adj. (lit.) flowing like honey; sweet or smooth

garrulous: adj. excessively or tiresomely talkative; excessively wordy or long

phlegmatic: adj. not easily excited; calm; sluggish; (arc.) abounding in phlegm; watery

corpulent: adj. fat (ob.) bodily; material

heft: n. weight v. the process by which an animal becomes accustomed to a piece of land

gambrinous: adj. full of beer; drunk

#piecesofeight: eight free mac background apps/addons

★ StartupSound.prefPane: A preference pane which allows you to change the volume of or mute the annoying sound that Macs chirp when you turn them on.

★ Perian: A must-have open-source QuickTime component that fixes the lack of support for various video formats.

★ HotBox: A great background app that allows you to drag a box around anything and make it fullscreen (a useful companion to the native ctrl+scroll screen zoom).

★ Cursorcerer: A super simple background app that allows you to set a hotkey to hide the cursor until the mouse/trackpad is next touched.

★ CapSee: A tiny background app which displays a native style screen notification when the caps lock key is pressed.

★ Caffeine: A background app that sits on the menu bar and, when activated, stops your Mac from going to sleep, dimming the screen or activating the screensaver (particularly useful for MacBook battery calibration).

★ Jumpcut: A useful clipboard buffering app that sits on the menu bar and gives you easy access to the clipboard’s history.

★ DropBox: A genius online backup and file-sharing app.

#piecesofeight – eight films with eight word reviews

here are eight films i’ve watched lately, each with an eight word review:

Kingpin (1996) [DVD]: the second best bowling based comedy i own

Green Zone (2010) [cinema]: bourne meets newsnight. sadly falls between two stalls

A Single Man (2010) [cinema]: stylish, sensitive and searching. tom ford done good

The Hurt Locker (2009) [DVD]: only insurgents do killing. propaganda in oscar tux

Pulp Fiction (1994) [DVD]: about 30th watch, i ‘dig it the most’

Marnie (1964) [DVD]: a sharp freudian thriller with interesting sexual politics

Be Kind Rewind (2008) [DVD]: funny, sincere and makes me cry every time

Un prophète (2009) [cinema]: smart, cool but baffling french grit prison pic

#piecesofeight: intro

not only does today herald the 888th minute in the life of this blog the 8th day of april and 8 years since the start of the second UN world assembly on ageing it is also 88 months to the day since katy harris dumped martin platt on coronation street. what better way to mark this auspicious date than with a series of posts consisting of lists arranged in 8s?