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#namechange: the dr becomes the post-dr

just a quick note

to keep you all up to speed with some nomenclatural alterations that have occurred.

when i finished my PhD last year, several of you commented that it was thereafter less logical for me to refer to The Dr as such. however, i was happy in continuing to use the moniker, and would still be were it not for the occurrence of an official shift with which i feel i must now fall into line. with.

given that The Dr has now officially taken up her position as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Manchester, i feel it is right that from now i on she is referred to here not as The Dr, but as The Post-Dr.

thank you and please continue with your lives.

ps. just to nip some possible confusions in as it were the bud – The Post-Dr has not taken to tampering with the mail (that would make her ‘the post drer’), nor is she no longer a Dr (it’s medical doctors who give up being Drs when they get good, not us proper ones).