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happy birthday dr king

today is

drkingDr King’s birthday and here at RQT we are more than happy to try to continue Stevie Wonder’s vision of a world party to celebrate peace and remember the legacy of a truly great man.

Happy Birthday by
Stevie Wonder

#recordbox: ‘reagan’ by killer mike

#faithseeking: lady day

Lady Day (something for and from)

[Mary] Joe … we need to talk. The thing is, I just found out that I’m
[Joe] Hush now, don’t explain …

… Just say you’ll remain
I’m glad you’re back, don’t explain.

Quiet, don’t explain;
What is there to gain?
Skip that lipstick,
Don’t explain

You know that I love you,
And what love endures.
All my thoughts are of you,
For I’m so completely yours

Cry to hear folks chatter –
And I know you cheat –
Right or wrong, don’t matter,
When you’re with me, sweet.

Hush now, don’t explain.
You’re my joy and pain.
My life’s yours love;
Don’t explain.

Don’t Explain by Billie Holiday

#RIP: Etta James

Jamesetta Hawkins aka Etta James:
25th January 1938 – 20th January 2012

with sadness we note the death of one of the greatest ever blues, soul, R&B and jazz singers.

anima eius et animae omnium fidelium
defunctorum per dei misericordiam
requiescant in pace

despite, and no doubt partially because of, suffering the effects of physical abuse, professional mismanagement and a long-term heroin addiction, Etta James will be remembered as simply one of the greats.

she had a magical voice, which she turned to several genres, from gospel and doo-wop to rock and roll, was a charismatic performer and a talented, often uncredited, lyricist.

Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James

#RIP: Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch: 
3rd November 1943 – 5th October 2011

with sadness we note the death of one of folk music’s purest souls and the bearer of some of its nimblest and most artful fingers.

anima eius et animae omnium
fidelium defunctorum per dei
misericordiam requiescant in pace

Jansch (who, unlike most of his family, pronounced his surname with a hard jay sound), was a Scott, guitarist of great accomplishment, writer of touching music and a faithful bearer of the torch of the old songs. His career spanned forty six years and yielded over two dozen albums.

He wrote and performed alone, with other key members of the British revival scene like Anne Briggs, Martin Carthy, Sandy Denny, Davy Graham and John Renbourn, and later (with Renbourn) in the band Pentangle.

A key member of the generation that took up the style and social ethos of Guthrie, Broonzy and Seeger and lead a revival of folk music in 60s Britain, he inspired countless performers that followed including Nick Drake, Paul Simon and Neil Young and is survived by a large catalogue of meaningful music.

October Song by Bert Jansch

#showertune: ‘soulful strut’ by young-holt unlimited

although it’s been a while since i’ve posted a #showertune, i’ve in no way ceased using carefully selected music to start my day well. what is more, as the evenings draw in (that is due to happen, right?) i’ll probably begin again to share my choicest cuts on a more regular basis.

today’s entry, however, was something of an emergency measure. after a hugely enjoyable but extensively gambrinous Saturday night (no, sit down Whigfield), at the unrivalled Thorverton Cricket Club‘s most recent annual end-of-season bash, and a wholly inadequate recovery day on Sunday, with a day of travelling ahead, this morning needed not only a #showertune, but a real corker.

cue Isaac Holt and Eldee Young to take their bow. this joint is a sparkling, mellifluous waterfall of happiness. so, both now and also next time you need a special lift, hit up the dark grey triangle below.

this is Soulful Strut by Young-Holt Unlimited and it’s painfully good listening.


#recordbox: ‘self evident’ by ani difranco


Self Evident by Ani DiFranco