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#lexigraph: wintry words

greetings wordwatchers

as the knights draw in and the daze get short, here is a small collection of some interesting words to use over the course of this winter:

boreal: adj. (lit. northern) of the climate or winds of the north; cold
replete: adj. filled (with food)
gelid: adj. frosty; extremely cold
brumal: adj. of or belonging to winter (see hiemal)
hiemal: adj. of or belonging to winter (see brumal)
graupel: n. precipitation of a consistency between that of hail and snow
congelatio: n. frost-bite
immure: v. to entomb; to fortify (e.g. ‘we immured ourselves with duvets by the fire’)
cwtch: [pron. kʊtʃ (rhymes with butch)] n. v. (from Welsh: lit. hiding place) cuddle
perniosis: n. chillblains
squally: adj. threatening; (of cloth) defective; (of weather) stormy, violent
gimcrack: adj. showy, unsubstantial (e.g. ‘their Christmas party is gimcrack’)

#lexigraph: animal adjectives

one of the most persistent urges in life – it seems to me  – is the drive to compare things to other things. i’m aware that my particular tendency for this is part unconscious personality trait to do with ordering and partly the result of my training in the academy wherein being able to perceive and rhetorically establish connections between things is highly prized.

however, i think it a widespread enough tendency to offer this post to aid people in their discussions as they watch various ugly politicians stand up to have their totals announced this evening. to that end, therefore, i offer you some comparative adjectives related to animals.

we are probably all aware of terms like feline, canine, equine, bovine, simian, lupine, porcine and so on – but here a few that might have skipped your attention:

formicine: like an ant

ursine: like a bear

apiarian: like a bee

pierine: like a butterfly (float pierine, sting apiarian [sic])

galline: like a chicken

cancrine: like a crab

corvine: like a crow

pulicine: like a flea

vulpine: like a fox (uh, vulpine lady, i’m comin’ a getcha’)

ranine: like a frog

caprine: like a goat

pardine: like a leopard

cervine: like a moose/elk

murine: like a mouse

musteline: like a skunk/stoat

acipenserine: like a sturgeon (touched for the very first time)

batrachian: like a toad (mr toad? at least start with him and move on)

vespine: like a wasp

vermian: like a worm

#piecesofeight: eight underused words

prandial: adj. of or pertaining to a meal especially dinner

iatrogenic: adj. caused by the words or actions of a physician

mellifluous: adj. (lit.) flowing like honey; sweet or smooth

garrulous: adj. excessively or tiresomely talkative; excessively wordy or long

phlegmatic: adj. not easily excited; calm; sluggish; (arc.) abounding in phlegm; watery

corpulent: adj. fat (ob.) bodily; material

heft: n. weight v. the process by which an animal becomes accustomed to a piece of land

gambrinous: adj. full of beer; drunk