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#inspiringquotations: number nine


“I’m thinking of taking on twelve new employees, would that qualify me for a small-business loan?”


#inspiringquotations: number eight


“You’d better bloodywell not be recording this. I might be hammered, but I can still kick your lights off”

>Mary Whitehouse

#inspiringquotations: number seven


“Every so often there is a face that defines beauty in its era. My brother has just such a face.”

>Edward Jedward

#inspiringquotations: number six


“Most people don’t realise just how much of a burden beauty can be.”

>Margaret Thatcher

#inspiringquotations: number five


“Mummy, is it true that we should treat everybody equally?”

>Slobodan Milošević (young)

#inspiringquotations: number four


“Seal? I’d say sweeter than penguin, but gamier than chimp. Add salt.”

>Gyles Brandreth

#inspiringquotations: number three


“Hey Mister, how much will you give me for this barrel of premium eels?”

>Lord Sugar (young)

#inspiringquotations: number two


“When all is stripped away, naught remains save duty, courage and love.”

>Helen Daniels

#inspiringquotations: number one


“These fools believe anysoddingthing I tell them. I could rule the world. I’m immortal.”

>Mother Teresa