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#showertune: ‘sixteen’ by the heavy

happy newy ear

we’re back after a nice little blog holiday (bloliday) and it’s now twenty hundred and tenty one – and what a time to be alive.

also, what a time to be an RQT reader given that the newyear newyou fever has given rise to all kinds of new treats that are currently being wedged into the pipeline all ready to come flooding out of this here tap sometime soon.

#showertune will be taking more of a backseat driving role this year, so while i’ll continue to wash to cheerful choons each day, i’ll be sharing them with you more selectively. instead i hope to provide you, dear reader, with a more variegated gamut of treats.

as for today, we at RQT had a lovely Christmas and NY period spent with friends of the most excellent vintages, and therefore would like to once again commend to you the following people (in alphabetical orderings)

Cazzle-razzle & Jimbeats
Dombey & San Francesco
Krusty the jazz singer
Lassie the ninja big-wig
Lissa Lovely Legs (aka Triple L)
Quiznightqueen Jen (a shy but loyal reader)
will he is & Anya aching

it wouldn’t be right, however, not to single out Lassie for special thanks given the invitation he extended to us to spend Christmas with him and his peeps in the Burrs Wood. he and they-all alike are wonderful examples of human folks with big hearts (and in some cases heads – objection your honour, insulting counsel).

we love you all this<—–(huge distance)—–>much

as such here, in all your Worthless honours is:

Sixteen by The Heavy

#faithseeking: ramping steals thunder

gratings |||||||||

like the prowling, critical-thinking lion that he is, bounder, london socialite, baby-faced intellectual and super-sharp minded blogger Ramping (of rampingandroaring fame) totally took the thesis of my Advent reflections from yesterday to task.

as such, i throughly recommend that you all temper my somewhat dour thoughts with his:

why you should get drunk, eat as many mince pies as you can and snog someone at your office party …