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#tiredgamer: eyes on double fine

if you’re
interested in video games, you need to have your eye on Double Fine Productions.

tbh, this is generally sage advice, but in this instance i specifically mean what they’ve been doing over the last two days.

because … the company responsible for Stacking (no. 6 in my list of last year’s best games), Costume Quest, Brutal Legend, Psychonauts and Iron Brigade, and headed up by the two-thirds of guys who made Monkey Island (Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert), one half of the guys behind Day of the Tentacle (Tim Schafer) and all of the guy who created Grim Fandango (Tim Schafer), announced that it’s going to make a new point-and-click adventure game.

while this in itself s fairly exciting if you’re a geek like me, what is more significant about the story is that they decided to raise the capital needed for the venture through crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter.

not only that, but they offered those who contribute towards the game the chance to be involved in its making. not only will the team be shooting a short, episodic documentary about the making of the game, which will be uploaded for public scrutiny, they will also be inviting feedback from ‘backers’ as to their thoughts on the game’s content and direction.

while this may or may not strike you as totally freaking awesome, the most amazing part of this whole episode in the history of humankind and their video-games is that in the less-than-two-whole-days since the investment page went live, the project has been backed to the tune of $1.3m and counting (for the next month).

Holy Shitbiscuits this could be massive.

so, as i said, big respect to and all eyes on Double Fine.
we’re in, are you?