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#admin: #showertune lives …

Dear You

as you might know, recently YouTube got together with all the major record labels in a huge, boardroomed evil lair and decided that despite the fact that the blogs and other video sharing platforms has been directly responsible for the successes of several now well-known acts, they would make it increasingly difficult for people to embed and share YouTube content that is subject to a copywrite claim (which, with regard to the ‘property’ of the majors, is basically done automatically as part of the recognition algorithms built into YouTube upload).

there was a first phase of this over the summer, which in the end didn’t seem to come to much, however the latest round of spoil-sporting and in-the-foot shooting came into effect last week. as you may have noticed, one of the upshots of this has been that the majority of #showertunes have stopped working.

i did consider burying #showertune in a memorial garden, but to be honest i was furious that not only had she been killed, but her life’s work was now useless, given that it consists of a host of links that no longer give rise to sweet music, but instead just a notice that says

the incident made me realise that due to its reliance on YouTube, the #showertunes catalogue (of which i am unjustifiably proud) has always been a hostage to fortune, and that it was all my fault. as a result, i have decided to keep the dream alive, and not only will #showertunes now be hosted on our own servers, but i have begun the lengthy process of uploading all the existing tunes and relinking them to their new homes – hopefully you should already be able to play all the ones currently on the first two RQT pages.

please bear with us as we go about this tedious, but ultimately pointless yet liberating work, and if you feel, given the amount of effort you know goes in, that you should probably get round to telling more of your friends about the magic that happens in this sleepy little corner of the interweb, then we would bloody love that.

thanks ants. thants.

#admin: pause [II]

dear comrades

as you may have noticed, RQT is currently on pause whilst important life events happen. i am not 95% certain when things will go back to normal, but it will be no later than the end of this month.

in the meantime, please keep telling your friends about us and directing them towards our brilliant cache of awesome content, in anticipation of an end to the fast soon.

peas and happy sleep.


this blog is box-fresh. right now there’s not a lot here and the sides are a bit stiff but there’s plenty of room in the toe. the smell of newness is intoxicating. you can look at it and try it on but please don’t scuff it up; at least until it’s not so shiny.

( nb. when i write stuff you are implicitly invited to share your thoughts in the form of comments. please don’t wait to be asked to contribute.)

in the real world i have these shoes ◄ for my real feet. they’re emerica og1s a recent reissue of the classic marc johnson pro shoe.