#ranthill: gay marriage

there is (probably too) much i could say about the arguments currently being peddled by the conservative lobby of the CofE, but this cartoon speaks to many of them quite nicely:

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  1. I for one would like to hear you say it anyway. I feel too lazy to marshal my own erudite rage in coherent enough a manner, but would happily adopt yours. In the meantime, this cartoon rocks

  2. Like two passing ships in the night…as heterosexuals flee the farce of the legal bond, homosexuals pass them by on the left (?!) by wanting to be part of this proven preposterous pact.

    I always associated intelligence with openly gay couples. Now, I’m wondering why such ostensibly smart people would want to choose and lobby to join the worst institution of the mainstream/heterosexual world. Oh, and good cartoon, for sure.

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