#tirednewsflash: new news


TiredNeeews TiredNeeews TiredNeeews,
dum dum dum

*sung to the tune of the Channel 4 News tune

and, your headlines are:

1) US public support for Bradley Manning falls after confusion with Bernard Manning cleared up.

b) Glitter Twitter-comeback faked.
T-shirts hailing him as the ‘Thierry Henry of Paedos’ withdrawn.

iv) Gingrich loses eye: local witches suspected.

) Stealing From Idiots, Alain de Botton’s new book about achieving bliss whilst being ‘very much the opposite of ignorant’, fails to find smug-enough audience.

&) “In truth, no news is actually bad news” admits head of ITN News

£) Princess Michael of Kent to be ‘hit hardest’ by welfare reforms.

that is all.

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    • Drew
    • January 23rd, 2012

    This formatting rivals some of the best work I’ve been marking this week. If only the content of postgraduate legal opinions was similarly entertaining.

    • Sympathies to you old chum. p

      I’ve had no marking since early-December, but the new semester brings two modules, which means June will once again be mark o’clock.

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