#homefront: cinq not sunk

today, friends and lovers,

is The Dr’s and my fifth wedding anniversary. given that she is currently away, to mark the occasion, i hope (and i know you will) you’ll allow me to share this poem, which i’m sending online, with love, from me to her.

when we met, you cried. a lot.
then paused, grabbed breath and,
slightly apart, we walked a little.
robes off-white and shoes kicked,
a baptism by fire and holy water.
young hands too tense to scatter,
have mercy on us, oh Lord.

well loved, here, gather, witness.
our Lord himself, sober and not lightly.
speak now, but peace is held and shared.
questions posed; response, and rings.
have, better, well. hold, broke, will.
earth and sky, thy be done and mine.
signed, said, and God only knows.

any fire is born with magic spark,
and every with pure heat’s flash, yet
those laid and kept, alone burn long.
circling lie of love: struck by fate,
easy come and free to leave likewise.
never bored or boring, we said.
my first real job of work.

and so the mark is fixed forever.
come tempest – cheeks or lips,
the rosy and the raging alteration.
i may not always love you, and yet.
the bent sickle and the compass,
come, guide us to the edge of doom.
heights we know, our worth be proved.

a small rest here, by this sign.
smiles shared, a swig to whistles wet.
ahead, an horizon of uncertain joys;
i would not walk this way alone.
with promise renewed, and strengths,
let us go then, you and i. this,
this takes more than spoons to measure.

and now, for our listening pleasure, performing a song that he sang for us the day we were wed, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Lou Rawls.

You’ve Made Me So Very Happy by Lou Rawls

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