#showertune: ‘good man’ by raphael saadiq

my friend Drew is a good man.

here is a photo of him attacking two women with a stick.

today is his birthday.

happy birthday friend. you are a good man and thorough. and you mean the world to me.


A good man never dies–
In worthy deed and prayer
And helpful hands, and honest eyes,
If smiles or tears be there:
Who lives for you and me–
Lives for the world he tries
To help–he lives eternally.
A good man never dies.

Who lives to bravely take
His share of toil and stress,
And, for his weaker fellows’ sake,
Makes every burden less,–
He may, at last, seem worn–
Lie fallen–hands and eyes
Folded–yet, though we mourn and mourn,
A good man never dies.

James Whitcomb Riley

you might be interested to know that the very same man that can lunge so gracefully at unexpecting women can also write, play, perform and record excellent songs.

his debut solo album was recently released to rapturous applause and plaudits in several of the right places, so if you like music, perhaps you should check it out.

it’s called The Ember by Drew Worthley and you wish you can buy it here or even here

anyway as a coincidental result of all of this, today’s happy-birthday-drew #showertune is by pure chance:

Good Man by Raphael Saadiq

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