#musicdiaryproject: incidental wednesday

due to combination of a man-flu induced lie-in, a not unrelated headache and more than usually concentrated work day, and leaving my iPod at home when i briefly went out, i haven’t actually purposefully listened to any music.

of course, the guidelines of #musicdiaryproject make ample concession for such circumstances by encouraging participants to log not only intentionally listened to music, but also the tunes that they have come across incidentally during their comings and goings.

rather than noting these interlopers each day, i have decided to choose one day (today) in which to focus solely on their contribution. it is purely coincidental that i didn’t have time to listen to anything on purpose today.

i’m sure there were more, but i remember hearing:

Bullitt by Lalo Schiffrin (wakes me up)
Holy Thursday by David Axelrod (tells me to take my pills)
King of the Beats by Mantronix (some gambling advert)
Green Lights by Aloe Blacc (from a passing car)
… and …
The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (new Heineken advert)

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