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down on the list of my favourite things to do comes joining in the with other peoples’ online projects, especially if they have their own #hashtag.

today i met a man with hair and glasses who told me about his #musicdiaryproject which involves people blogging, vlogging, tweeting, tumblring and otherwise information superhighwaying in a way that logs the music that they’re listening to this week. i’ve come, obviously, late to the party, but being as keen as ever not to let tardiness, poor preparation or a lack of the required skills for a task get in my way, i decided to join in.

if anything, it’s rather nice to cast off the usual constraints of #showertune (ie. music that makes me feel happy and is not by an artist that has already been featured) and embrace the knowledge that anything goes. at least as far as i understand them, the rules of this project dictate that what i have to do, is to record what i’ve been listening to and then that’s it.

so, here goes. today i subjected my ears to:

Powerboat by Alan Hawkshaw
I Can Dream Can’t I by The Andrew Sisters
Flying by The Beatles
Stones Throw by Little Barrie
… and …
Slag Under Bältet by Petter

yes, the lyrics are in Swedish.

no, i don’t either, but i can only hope, for people that do, that they are supremely profane and conjure an horrifically vile vision of the world.

meanwhile, in my ignorance, i will continue to put this track on, turn that shit up, and nod my grinning face like a fool.



if you’d like to find out more about #musicdiaryproject then i’d suggest following
@sickmouthy on Twitter, checking his blog to see his entries and searching the hashtag to catch up on what you’ve missed from others

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