#telosvision: the killing

so, dear friends, tonight is the night that we finally learn who killed Nanna Birk Larsen. or we better had do, unless my TV wants to be smashed.

yes, it’s the season one finale of the gripping Danish crime drama The Killing, or Forbrydelsen in its native tongue. can it be only ten weeks ago that we first met strong-headed, ambitious Troels Hartmann, grieving but shifty-eyed Theis and Pernille Birk Larsen, and keen minded, self-destructive, Faroe-Islands-snowflake-jumper-wearing sex symbol super-sleuth Sarah Lund? yes, it can, precisely that.

The Dr has been convinced since early on that Birk Larsen employee and surrogate family member Vagn (who she calls ‘Vadgen’ to annoy me) is the most suspicious of the characters. we also distrust Hartmann’s sultry assistant and on-off lover Rie, Theis (who The Dr thinks isn’t Nanna’s real father) and Chief Inspector Brix (who I call Hans Brix, in a Kim Jong-Il from Team America way and who we both suspect of killing Meyer).

who will emerge as a villain, and who (if anyone) will be exonerated? why and how did the killer do it? how will the delicate balance of the familial, the forensic and the political lie once the facts have all been unearthed?

will Lund, Hartmann and the Birk Larsens ever be able to put their lives back together? will Copenhagen be able to trust either their Mayor or his main opponent? will Lund ever get a different jumper? all we can do is tune in to BBC2 at 9:00 tonight and wait to experience the revelations.

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