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i hope all you game fans have been digging my #tiredgamer column at GamePeople

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those who’ve not explored it yet, do check it out for rambling, overly philosophical and frankly ill-informed reflections on various video games such as:

> Medal of Honor 2010
> Mario Sports Mix
> Nail’d

(… coming soon: Fight Night Champion, Deathsmiles, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit)


as for today

how about an RQT-only preview of what just might end up being one of the most interesting iOS games yet? what was that? silence? well, allow me to take that as a ‘yes please’.

some birds are angry – so what? that’s yesteryear’s news. kill the zombies? let ’em live I say, maybe they’ll know how to run the economy or the NHS? nah, if you’re looking for something a little less run of the Pebble Mill, then i have something that might just be right down your bowling alley

Sword & Sworcery is a retro-HD styled, fantasy adventure from veteran indy developers SUPERBROTHERS and has a sort of Monkey-Island-meets-Gaunlet-then-meets-Zelda-but-for-hipsters feel. there is a deliberate emphasis on cinematic audio and visuals – which, given the pixelated aesthetic, is an interesting concept.

it might end up being lame, but, on the other finger, might it be this year’s Limbo? i guess we’ll all have to bate our breath and see what we catch.

it should be in the App Store soon, priced at £TBA.19

in the meantime, let’s study this promo video for clues.

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