#twit-twoo: ton up

given that here

at RQT we always try to credit where credit be due, a small mention is rightly made of Carolyn Cross who recently became our 100th follower on the pointless waste of time that is twitter.com

she tweets under the logical moniker CarolynCross and has a website which, keeping to a theme, she’s called www.carolyncross.co.uk and, i tell you what friends, if you need an environmental consultant specialising in communication, media and public relations, well we reckon that you could do a whole lot worse (Mick Jagger, Andy Crane, Florence Nightingale are some (but by no means all of the possible) examples)

follow her on twitter, hire her for work and, damn it, if you meet her in the street, embrace her like you’re estranged siblings just then reunited by Cilla.

if you want to be a bit like Carolyn Cross (and who doesn’t?) you too can follow us on Twitter – we’re known there as:
*stupid character limit
ps. you really should do that because, without being immodest, we’re the best thing on there (us and @carolyncross)

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