#xmasongs: day six

hallo dear friends

today is the winter solstice and, coincidentally, also saw a total lunar eclipse.

did you see the blood red moon just before 8:00? it was too cloudy here to see much more than a pinky patch in the southwest sky. apparently if you live in or north of Newcastle you could see it really well. probably didn’t take much of an edge off the bitter cold, lack of jobs and frequently semi-naked fat men, though.

the ancients associated this occurrence with menstruation, and thus fertility, so let’s hope it bodes well for next year’s harvest.

in the meantime, we’ve got the small matter of our #xmasongs countdown to get the hell on with. to that end, today’s sixth noel goes out with lots of love to you all, but especially nominator, talented singing RQT friend and Hawkins hair-a-like Kirsty Merryn

(check out her excellent chops here)

correct – at number six, it’s Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) by The Darkness

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    • Kirsty
    • December 21st, 2010

    excellent choice. I love his trousers in the video.

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