#academix: the dr’s (first) book

today on QVC, hot off the press:

Sex and Uncertainty in the Body of Christ: Intersex Conditions and Christian Theology by Susannah Cornwall (a.k.a The Dr)

as well as being a fascinating examination of the issues raised for Christian theology by the existence of intersex conditions and the experiences of those that have them AND a devastating critique of essentialism with regard to gender, sex and sexuality within Christian tradition, it is also:

… a way of looking knowledgeable at relevant seminars (if carried visibly), a superb hiding place for a hip flask, small gun, snack, bag of drugs, usb stick/microfilm, smaller book and so on (NB hardback only. the shape of the object should be carved into 3/5s of the pages in order to create the hidey space), an excellent levelling device for tables, chairs, beds (and more) with uneven leg-lengths (one needed per uneven leg. see youtube video for instructions & walk-through), an ingenious ‘space keeper’ for a shelf, a useful tray for a human baby or small pet (please note – again, only the hardback is recommended for this application), a serviceable child’s hat (1.open the book to the middle. 2.place on child’s head.), a sort-of hand fan (here, you’ll need the ‘give’ of the paperback), a solar-powered non-torch, and a rigid cuddly toy for a naughty child.

with so many functions, it is an unbelievable Christmas bargain at only:

>c.£50 in hardback and c.£15 in paperback in the UK
>c.$30 in paperback in the U.S.
>c.CDN$30 in paperback in Canada
>c.R1,000 in paperback in South Africa
>c.S$33 in paperback in Singapore (from eBay.sg)
>c.¥9,360 in paperback in Japan

at these prices, why not try to collect them all?

remember, only a finite amount will ever be printed.


The analysis is almost as sharp, and the implications as far-reaching, as the author is vital to the discourse – Andre Romelle Young, PhD

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