#showertune: ‘the truth’ by handsome boy modelling school

well, weld, welm

what do we have here? it seems that Advent Sunday really lived up to its billing, by seeing the advent of a whole new era of global relations. i haven’t experienced that many days following which i was aware that the world had profoundly changed:

> 9th November 1989
> 11th September 2001
> 4th November 2008

… but although yesterday will likely not go down as one among of them in many people’s minds, it probably should. thousands of pieces of raw intelligence data chronicling the American empire’s thoughts on/responses to the world as it stands – totally undeniable, totally unedited and made totally available.

even as an advocate for truth, justice and accountability, it’s difficult to know quite how to react to such an unveiling. it really is an apocalypse of biblical proportions – the beast laid bare.

while some of the initial headlines are not exactly of the sort that will astonish many people:

> the Russian government has links with organized crime
> a member of the British royal family made some inappropriate remarks
> the closing of Guantanamo has been a mirky process
> Afghanistan is a political mess

… plenty more shocking truths will no doubt surface as a result of the data leak.

in the meantime, today’s showertune is The Truth by Handsome Boy Modelling School feat. Roisin Murphy & J-Live
(i know we already had Coffee Cold, but this tune just seemed to apt to pass up)

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