#lexigraph: wintry words

greetings wordwatchers

as the knights draw in and the daze get short, here is a small collection of some interesting words to use over the course of this winter:

boreal: adj. (lit. northern) of the climate or winds of the north; cold
replete: adj. filled (with food)
gelid: adj. frosty; extremely cold
brumal: adj. of or belonging to winter (see hiemal)
hiemal: adj. of or belonging to winter (see brumal)
graupel: n. precipitation of a consistency between that of hail and snow
congelatio: n. frost-bite
immure: v. to entomb; to fortify (e.g. ‘we immured ourselves with duvets by the fire’)
cwtch: [pron. kʊtʃ (rhymes with butch)] n. v. (from Welsh: lit. hiding place) cuddle
perniosis: n. chillblains
squally: adj. threatening; (of cloth) defective; (of weather) stormy, violent
gimcrack: adj. showy, unsubstantial (e.g. ‘their Christmas party is gimcrack’)

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    • Drew
    • November 23rd, 2010

    This list is overly replete with replete

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