#showertune: ‘give me your love’ by the sisters love

Monday’s child is fair of face

so, if you were born today, congratulations, you can feed, sleep and cry safe in the knowledge that you most likely have a easier life ahead of you than the rest of us, and that even if you are properly, properly stupid, you will be able to find work, if nowhere else, in TV, presenting for Pricedrop.tv, QuizCall or ITV1.

speaking of which, wasn’t it great to see that couple captured by pirates and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi both go free? it made me feel good to be alive. a feeling which was washed thoroughly away shortly after when i foolishly broke my ‘never in this (pent)house’ rule and tuned in to watch Take That perform on The X Factor. here at RQT we’d all like to say a big “nob off Robbie, they were better without you”.

anyway, ever had a really bossy and insecure partner who is constantly demanding affection? well, today’s #showertune is a bit like what that might sound like – it’s Give Me Your Love by The Sisters Love

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    • Drew
    • November 15th, 2010

    Is insecure insecure technically a double negative? If I was insecure about my insecurities, I could potentially be a very secure person…

    • It’s not a double negative, but what it is is an error – an error which has now been corrected corrected.

    • kirkycheap
    • November 15th, 2010

    that’s quite funny, I was just telling sian about a personality test I did which told me that in a relationship I am all of the above.
    *clings to showertune’s sleeve* Why didn’t you call me? But you said you would? You’re SO Insensitive!!

    • Well, then this piece of jazz flute fuelled, soulful proto-disco is all for you.
      See you soon.

        • kirkycheap
        • November 15th, 2010

        is it tomorrow you’re coming up? YEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!

  1. I like this. Feel refreshedededed.

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