#showertune: ‘games you can win’ by RJD2

well hello and good afternoon to you (or whatever time of day it is as you read this)

several apologies that things have been pretty sporadic since we got back from our break, for one thing i’ve experienced a broadband ‘upgrade’, which basically meant crawlingly slow connection speed for most of this week. things have settled down now, and i now seem to be getting a fairly consistent 10000kbps download speed, up from around 7000.

today’s a happy day in the penthouse, not least because our good friend The Legs is coming to stay and we haven’t seen her in a few good minutes ‘cos she’s been living in Canada. we’re also meeting up tonight with the salty surf king himself, JimiTheOtter while he’s on a short trip home from New Zealand. I also seem to have evicted the virus that came to live in me last week.

to celebrate these tremendous things, i showered long and hot this morning, and wiggled and hummed in time to a tune of distinction.

yes, today’s #showertune is Games You Can Win by RJD2 feat. Kenna

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