#showertune: ‘give it up’ by lee dorsey

i hope you all enjoyed This Is England ’86 while we were away.

however, if, because we weren’t around to remind you, you forgot to watch it, then swiftly head on over to 4oD to catch all four episodes while they’re still available. of course, if you haven’t yet seen This Is England, then a) what is your major malfunction numbnuts? and b) you should really do that, and then do the above.

while you’re at it, if you haven’t seen Dead Man’s Shoes or A Room For Romeo Brass you should get that issue sorted too.

coming back to TIE ’86, one of the treats of the series, as with the film, was the plenty of good music that was involved. none more so than today’s #showertune which C4 used on the advert and which is a cracker. some of you will recognise it as the sample from Fatlip‘s Today’s Your Day, however the original is truly a thing of class.

i hereby cordially invite you to use your ears to attend to the New Orleans classic that is Give It Up by Lee Dorsey

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    • Drew
    • October 6th, 2010

    Sweet baby Jesus it’s a cracker

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