#showertune: ‘kiss the sky’ by shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra

after over a month off, we’re back, baby

(however, obviously, don’t call it a comeback)

please accept several apologies for our having deprived you of poppin’ fresh content for exactly five weeks, but we had to take care of some bidness that demanded our total and utter focus. thanks for sticking with us, and i hope that in the absence of the new, you got well acquainted with our backlog of awesomeness.

the hope is that having lay fallow for a few weeks, the soil of RQT will be rejuvenated, rich in nutrients and ready to nurture the green shoots of new content to fruition.

we’re not entirely sure about the direction of things from here on out, but just for old time’s sake i though i’d make this first post back a #showertune

(btw, what do people feel, is there still life in the #showertune idea, or should we move on to something new? if you’d like to see something new, what sort of something? use the comments to spill your thoughts)

anyway, for the want of a better idea, here’s Kiss The Sky by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

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