#showertune: ‘ha ha’ by ty

NO SLEEP TILL .. dada da daa da da (etc.) BROOKLYN …

by which, of course, i mean one sleep till greenbelt_ – and things are getting pretty darned exciting along with pretty busy. today i have to: do a normal day’s stint of writing/editing, seek out a hidden tailor and give him some trousers for alteration, pack my clothes, our tent and other stuff and drop a stranger’s cat in a bin. it’s a daunting schedule.

The Dr has taken charge of buying the food this year, which is good because i’ve not had to worry about spending time shopping, but bad because we’ll end up eating pasta, fruit and nuts instead of pot noodle, biscuits and cake.

today’s #showertune is a mini look-ahead to ten past eight tomorrow night on the Main Stage in the form of Ha Ha by Ty

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