#showertune: ‘acceptable in the 80s’ by calvin harris

well, folks.

what a weekend indeed (and thought, and word). those of you who weren’t there, missed one of the best parties for several weeks as we used Saturday night and Sunday morning to preemptively celebrate The Dr’s forthcoming birthday. the penthouse was a little too intimate a venue, so we shifted ourbadselves and our guests over to DomDougFrancis’ pad and they were kind enough to let us all in.

The Dr’s chosen theme was “come as you were” and several people did. there were Brownies and School boys, grungers and nerds, a karate student, a rugby player, a confused boy, an ageing RAF pilot and sundry others. we danced, we drank, we laughed, we ate, we slept. there was ginger bread, iced cupcakes, sausage rolls, jelly, dairylee sandwiches, nose balloons, pass the parcel, transAtlantic Skyping and SNES. i climbed into an ice bath.

lots of good’uns were specially in town: Krusty the jazz singer, father Hughesdon, BCat, little Vic, Marilyn Manson, Rosie Gi, pooch, Cazzlerazzle and plenty more besides. sorely missed: the treasure, the Leggs, ramping and roaring, annifrangipani, JAbbott and Shakira (why won’t she come to any parties?).

the music – the mixing and transmission (although not the selection) of which was my charge – was a mix of 80s, 90s and 00s tunes which took in electronica, cheesepop, indie rock, chart dance, hiphop, stadium rock and the song from that video where Sylar off Heroes has milk thrown all up in his grill.

here is one track that dropped to the cutting of many shapes in the unbelievably hot and carefully hoovered dance room – i.e. today’s #showertune is – Acceptable In The 80s by Calvin Harris.

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  1. I was so sad to miss: didn’t get back in time from my trip. NEXT TIME FOR SURE.
    Did you ever catch Calvin’s Jam TV?

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