#showertune: ‘pennies from heaven’ by louis prima

largely unaware of its extremely questionable politics, as a child The Jungle Book was my favourite film, bar none.

we didn’t get a VCR until about 1988 (and even if we had, you might remember that actually owning films on video back then was prohibitively expensive), so i couldn’t have on-demand access to the film, but what i did have was a battery powered, portable record player (still got it) and a copy of the Jungle Book LP (still got that too) which contained not only the songs, but the sections of dialogue that lead up to each song.

my favourite of all the sections and songs was the one in which Baloo attempts to pass himself off as an ape in order to learn about King Louis’ plan to steal”man’s red fire”. the idea of monkeys (sic) being basically like fireless humans was one that fascinated my young mind, and i loved both the song that King Louis sings and the fact that Baloo cannot stop himself from getting carried away by it.

it might not actually be too much of a stretch to say that King Louis was my childhood hero, along with Mr Toad (i know, i know) and Indiana Jones. and so, for today’s #showertune i offer you the voice of King Louis singing one of his classics:

Pennies From Heaven by Louis Prima

have a banana. have two bananas.

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