#showertune: ‘golden skans’ by klaxons

although we had a throughly relaxing afternoon yesterday with Rev. Roaring & sundry and deliberately got to bed early, i still snoozed my alarm this morning and only got up once the Dr had left.

i had a bowl of fake Cheerios, surveilled facebookville and the twittersphere and then failed to beat Stephen Fry’s score on the BBC Mastermind quiz. i posted a respectable, but never Fry troubling 33 points from the two rounds, having chosen Religion as my specialist subject.

on days like these, a good shower is all the more important and a fitting #showertune, vital. who ever knows exactly whence inspiration comes, but today i swiftly settled on Golden Skans by Klaxons.

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  1. On my second attempt at the Mastermind game, I scored a much more laudable 40 points, again with Religion as my specialist: http://twitpic.com/2fa3by

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