#showertune: ‘jcb song’ by nizlopi

happy friday one and all.

apologies that today’s #showertune is a little later than normal but at least part of the reason was that Lassie the ginger Afghan hound and Rev. Ramping both stayed over last night and we were up to all hours, discussing the nature of genius, Marxist criticism, who’s doing whom in theological circles and various other jazz. i also then had to clean up the penthouse a bit this morning before i could settle down to proper RQT bid’ness.

anyway, two weeks today until greenbelt_ starts: hurrah! that got me thinking about the several great musical acts i’ve seen there over the years and that, in turn, led to today’s selection being JCB Song by Nizlopi.

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    • The Dr’s Sister
    • August 17th, 2010

    I had forgotten what a joyful little tune this is.

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