#showertune: ‘last night i nearly died’ by duke special

i had a fun dream last night.

it was basically a version of the film Inception (discussed here), in which i was being pursued by the hired goons of a large corporation after having stolen some secrets relating to some sort of sinister plot relating to bio-genetics. the design, and in particular the palette, was straight out of the movie, and a mixture of the various vast and quite beautiful cityscapes with the occasional incongruously placed building from my past thrown in (my primary school, the clubhouse of my old cricket team, my sister’s old bungalow).

i had little to fear from the goons, because i was fully aware that i was in a dream – although i don’t think it was a dream ‘from’ here, but from some other reality, which i never got to see. in this dream, as opposed to the film, dying whilst dreaming was fatal (perhaps i was in ‘limbo’?). fortunately, i had a pouch of smelling salts which i could use to wake myself up when i’d reached a certain location.

i was chased and shot at, but i managed to dodge the bullets, make it to the right place and wake myself up intact. annoyingly, the process of waking up from the dream dream was enough to wake me up from the dream – so i never saw the world of the dream.

that minor frustration, however, was counteracted by the fact that i didn’t need to think at all about what #showertune to have this morning. here’s Last Night I Nearly Died by Duke Special.

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  1. Yay for Northern Irish #showertunes!

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