#winnertune: ‘you’re the best’ by joe esposito

shadies and mentalmen the time that we’ve all been waiting for is here…

i am now pleased to be able to announce the winners of the RQT #showertune 100th post celebration competition. before i do so, a quick word on how the winners were decided:

i created an iTunes playlist from all the tracks that had been chosen, with each song representing the person that chose it. where more than one person had chosen the same song, i added an additional version to my library with a distinguishing feature and then added that to the playlist. when all the tracks were added, i set the playlist to shuffle and pressed the skip button 3 times. whoever had picked whichever song then played, was the winner. i then pressed skip two more times to come up with second place.

therefore…without further ado, i take great pleasure in being able to announce that the song that was playing after the initial three skips was Pounds of Soul by Betty Bibbs which was nominated by Tom Wateracre – a sporting RQT round of applause for Tom please.

not only will Tom receive a bespoke, custom designed and handmade CD containing 15 of his favourite #showertunes, but he also has the great honour of choosing the 101st #showertune, which will be posted on Thursday. well done Tom.

the next song to play was All I Want Is You by Zilla Mayes, which meant second place went to Alexis Walch – congratulations! Alexis wins a fine pair of black RockBand branded drumsticks.

in honour of both our winners, and in fact all those of you who took the time to enter (you’re all winners in my eyes) here is a #winnertune – it’s You’re The Best by Joe Esposito

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