#tearstune: ‘grandma mary’ by denison witmer

while #showertune is on a break, i thought i’d take the opportunity to share some songs relating to other aspects of life.

while i take the discipline of actively putting myself in a positive frame of mind each morning very seriously, i would not want to give the impression that i think life is all about just being happy all the time. as far as i’m concerned, there is no getting away from the fact that emotional wellbeing is really about honesty, and primarily being honest with yourself.

the #showertune concept is about honesty of one kind – the honesty of facing the reality that i have a condition and that i need to do more than just take medication in order to combat its effects. however, it would be remiss to imply that it is not important to be honest about feeling sad as well as happy. therefore, to demonstrate a commitment to the pursuit of all-round emotional wellbeing, today i’m posting a #tearstune.

it’s a beautiful song, but one that is more or less guaranteed to make me cry. it’s Grandma Mary by Denison Witmer and it sounds like this (sorry, read that sentence again, and as you get to “this”, click the play button).

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