#decsiontune: ‘the choice is yours (revisited)’ by black sheep

howdy sleepers, #showertune is on a hiatus following the 100th installment.

fear not though, it will be back in due course – the coveted #prizepick, selected by the winner of our competition (details here), will be #showertune no.101 (w00p) and will be posted next Thursday. in the meantime i’ll be posting songs that relate to aspects of life other than putting oneself in a good mood whilst showering.

today’s is a #decisiontune, intended to help those of you still deliberating over which #showertune to choose as your favourite in order to enter our competition – did i mention we have a competition running?

and our inaugural #decisiontune is…ta da: The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) by Black Sheep

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