#showertune: ‘theme from magnum p.i.’ by mike post

being the 22nd of july, or 22/7, and given that 22/7 is 3.142, which is approximately equal to π (the constant which represents the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter and its area to the square of its radius), today is π Approximation Day.

so, happy π Approximation Day

in trying to find a suitable #showertune for the occasion i was sorely tempted to offer Pi by Kate Bush, but i couldn’t in all good conscience do it to you. if you’ve never heard it, you should check it (on your own time) it’s hilarious. i’m sure it must be a joke.

given my recent obsession with library and soundtrack music, in the end i plumped for the tangentially related (boom #mathsjoke) Theme From Magnum P.I. by Mike Post (and Pete Carpenter, Velton Ray Bunch and John Cacavas)

hey, hey none for you Higgins, trying to steal Tom Selleck’s food. you’ve had yours.

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