#showertune: ‘god only knows’ by the beach boys

good morning, good morning.

four years ago today i married my fiancée, my former girlfriend and my wife to be. some of you will recall being there and seeing it. back then, of course, things were very different: Clement Attlee was on the throne, cars were a thing of the past and it was illegal for shops to charge for chocolate buttons.

i remember it like it was only one thousand four hundred and fifty nine days ago. of course, if someone had told me then that i would still be married four years later, i’d have performed a citizens’ arrest on them right then and then, out of sheer surprise, but…who’d be laughing now?

in celebration, today’s #showertune goes out to my lovely wife and partner in all my crimes – you know who you are.

it’s God Only Knows by The Beach Boys, which some of you will recall was playing as we walked out of the church (between Bitches Ain’t Shit by Dr Dre and Get Out Of My Life Woman by Allen Toussaint)

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