#showertune: ‘your revolution’ by dj vadim feat. sarah jones

Julie Bindel has done quite an interesting piece about pornography in today’s Guardian, focussing on Gail Dines’ new book Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality. although I haven’t yet read this new book, from what i’ve read from her in the past and from snippets of an interview in the article, i have to say i’m fairly unsatisfied by Dr Dines’ approach. anyway read for yourself here and, if you’re interested in my objections, scroll down to read my comment (#30)

meanwhile lets all enjoy a #showertune about sexual politics: it’s Your Revolution by DJ Vadim feat. Sarah Jones


nb. this isn’t actually the album cut, but one of a handful of remixes that are out there – the best is DJ Nappa’s, however it’s difficult to get hold of.

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