#showertune: ‘jim on the move’ by lalo schifrin

i am not a spy. i do not work for the KGB/FSB/SVR. you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. i did once give something to someone that was in an envelope.

although, if i were a spy, it would sort of explain why i’m not really doing anything with my life. perhaps i am a spy, but the best way of making sure i’m not burned is not to tell me. i think i am a spy. don’t tell me anything you wouldn’t also want Moscow to know.

it’s a shame that capital cities get anthropomorphised in way that others don’t. i wonder what Nice knows about this? how is Bristol responding to the news? Portland is yet to issue a statement.

so if i am a spy, which i definitely am, is this blog part of my activities, or part of my ‘legend’? perhaps every #showertune i’ve ever selected represents an encoded message? or maybe the messages come to me via the songs. that would make you all spies too.

now that i think about it, spy-type music does sometimes play when i’m in the shower. today it sounded like Jim On The Move by Lalo Schifrin

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    • Drew
    • June 30th, 2010

    “A secret agent! That’s what I am! And I shouldn’t even be saying that. But you have a certain… thickness about you that I find… appealing.”

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