#showertune: ‘fever’ by marie queenie lyons

a veil of illness

has been hanging over the penthouse this week and while until now i’ve been professional enough not to let it interfere with RQT, things have been fairly ropey.  in addition to symptoms caused by what i suspect was an allergic reaction to some anti-biotics i was prescribed (hardcore wheezing and coughing), i also seem to have a virus manifesting itself in a streaming nose, a stiff neck, neuralgia, a sore throat, a continuous headache and regular sneezings.

worse, however, was the guilt of waking up to a bed whose other side was devoid of pillows and wife, and discovering that the Dr had to sleep in the lounge because of my sniffing and snoring. what is more, she now thinks that she’s contracted my virus.

add to that the fact that over the summers since we got married she has suffered from hay fever which she claims she never ever had before, and blames on me, and all in all i feel bad.

today’s #showertune is Fever by Marie ‘Queenie’ Lyons

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re unwell, old bean.

    • Ta la.
      I’ll get back. That is if I don’t cough my lungs up, sneeze my brains out or drown in phlegm.

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