#showertune: ‘girl callin’ by chocolate milk

breakfast was a treat today ‘cos we had cocoa pops in the penthouse (or rather the co-op’s own choco crispies). my favourite part is the chocolatey milk that you get left with at the end – and yes, i do sup it straight out of the bowl, sue me.

anyway, give that and the recent elevation of chocolate milk to the recovery drink of choice by the American Olympic Center in Colorado, among other authorities, i thought we would celebrate one of life’s simple yet energy replenishing pleasures.

check out this US news report which focuses on the virtues of chocolate milk over and against water, referring to the former as ‘nature’s sports drink’. don’t you hate the fact that we’ve ended up in a world where people would rather drink artificial drinks like water, when they could enjoy the natural goodness that comes straight from mother nature’s chocolate cows?

today’s #showertune is the classic Girl Callin’ by Chocolate Milk


warning: despite the fact that CM moved to New Orleans in the mid 70s and took over from The Meters as Allen Toussaint’s backing band, and that the maestro wrote many of their early hits, extreme caution should always be exercised when searching for their tracks, as they became badly infected with disco in around 1979 and were responsible for some really unrighteous upbeat boogies thereafter. only an experienced head should ever attempt to dig for milk – luckily for you, i’m on hand

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